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About Koothill International School, Port Harcourt

Our School

Koothill is one of the top schools in Port Harcourt. It is set in a stimulating, safe learning and enabling environment. We understand the first five years of a child lay the foundation for the future, as it is here the foundations of literacy, numeracy and other structures are established for future. Compared to other private schools, we do our best to achieve this. At Koothill, we nurture skilled, confident children who enjoy learning, care for others and can increasingly take responsibility for their actions.
We have high expectations both academically and socially: Leaders really can begin to emerge in Nursery! At the same time, learning should be fun and stress free as we can make it. The youngest children (even adults) can often learn as much from guided play and from a formal curriculum.

Our Mission

Koothill shall implement:
- Smart Program / Teaching ID: We shall use recent and up to date human and Information technology resources that help the child fully harness hiss / her natural learning path.
- Distinctive abilities: Help develop the child`s distinctive abilities from a one-on-one interaction with the purpose of creating a truly unique individual.
- Integrity: This virtue shall be imbibed, developed and sustained by encouraging and rewarding honest acts and open communication. This shall form the hall mark of each child`s personality.
- Excellence: Each child shall have an irrepressible knack for excellence, and solution oriented culture through our teaching methods and rewards system.

Our Vision

To Jointly raise a godly, excellent and intellectually sound child with broad appreciation of learning within the environment. A child with ability to identify opportunity and offer creative solutions to improve the quality and standard of life for both self and society.


Koothill International School, Port Harcourt, Nigeria